I am student of life. Every moment is a lesson. Every failure is a blessing. Life is a vapor. I’m only practicing for eternity, where I will worship my Savior forever. I desperately long to be engulfed in the Only Water that satisfies my thirst, Jesus Christ.

I wrote a poem and from it I derived the name for this blog. It’s about Exodus 17 when Moses had to hold up his hands in order for his people to win the battle, but his hands became too tired for him to hold up by himself. It was then that Aaron and Hur held up his hands for him. Mostly, I feel too weak. This is my plea to God to hold up my hands and to fight for me.

I am a sap for the beautiful, the poetic. For the last decade, I have not planted my feet in one location for very long. I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and broadening my perspective. I find relief in writing poetry and some prose. I also enjoy painting and making various forms of art. (Maybe someday I’ll post pictures here of my art… maybe.)


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