What You Can’t Be and What You Are

*Written last year to an unknown love

Dear Love

More than what you are,

You need to know what you cannot be.

For me, everything I am needing.

You cannot satisfy my deepest pleading.

If I try to find in you my soul’s satisfaction
It will crush us both and kill attraction.
But you are, 

You are delightful.

I look at you and

hear your voice and

my spirit soars beyond sight of land.

You remind me of Him.

And together we’ll fly towards the Sun,
and find our deepest joy in only One.

Focus our eyes as Heaven sings,

and trust the One who gives us wings. 


*Written some time ago, I don’t remember

Your words are careless.

My fragile parts, un-cherished.

You throw stones

to mend broken windows,

and criticize the shards.

It doesn’t make any sense.

My pieces won’t heal like this.


*Written over 5 years ago.

This may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

To choose to love when love is denied.

To choose the pursuit when he won’t follow suit.

And I’d love to read your mind,

and take a glimpse into your heart.

What’s covered your eyes and made you blind?

How is it that your thoughts are so dark?

Your eyes are so cold.

What is this lie that has been sold?

Why are you so cold?


*A poem I started over 4 years ago. I’ll be posting more old poems this week to offer a peak into the past. 

I felt a switch in me that you couldn’t see.

I claimed a name I never knew how to be.

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

Embody this idea of femininity and appeal.

These ideas, these ideals, they steal.

A holy love defiled

upon which You once smiled.

I want to run wild

in the purity of grace.

The innocence of a child

with freedom to fall on my face.

This pressure was a cage

I walked into willingly

Thinking if I stayed,

Somehow you would love me.

You cut the noose.

Hallelujah, let me loose.

A caged bird nevermore I’ll be.

I’ll soar the skies forevermore. I’m free.

Indelible Security

With glorious light in my face

I look over to

Love that delights in

All that I am without hiding.

He walks with me in plain sight,

Illuminating my frame.

This joy. It’s so much a part of my soul.

My body, spirit and soul.

Valuable beyond my control.

Worth set in stone.

Loved before I was known.

Joy is my story.

The certainty

of indelible security.




My Savior’s love defines me.

His righteousness assigned to me.

Now there is freedom to rest and do

With nothing left to prove

Or earn,

Only His love to return.


*Another old poem, previously unpublished.

At the depths of me,
That’s what kept me
Fear of losing.
Fear of loosing
the floods of your
Because maybe you’re right
And I am wrong.
So I stayed quiet for too long. 
And boiled deep inside
pains I tried to hide. 
And erupted unfairly
Unexpected and unkindly.
I’m sorry. 
What’s wrong with me?
I’m sorry. 


Good morning, sunshine.
I missed your smile in the night time.
The shadows over your troubled mind,
covered your hope and made you blind.

But good morning, my love!
You are awake in the light of day.
You are not defined by the dumb things you say.
You are loved beyond every little mistake.

The One who loves you is good,
By Him, you’ll always be understood.

Tumult & Ease

Tell me about the sunrise.
Heart pounding, not breathing.
Describe the colors of the skies.
Peach, pale green, indigo, steel blue.
Be amazed and let wonder soothe.
Tell me about that one time,
that story I never knew.
Where you lived,
How you loved,
and you ran.
How I’d love to see you run,
and when the day is done,
Tell me again about the colors by the sun.

What You Feel is Normal

man doing boxing
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What you feel is normal, friend
I can feel it too.
When the darkness closes in,
It covers multitudes.

As sad as that may be,
Here’s a happy truth:
It has attacked an army –
Worn, but full of youth.

In this fight, you should know,
You’re friends are by your side.
You will never be alone.
Your Savior lives, though He died,
And He will fight for you.