Moon and Sand

It doesn’t shake me so much anymore
The opinions of man, like waves on the shore
Here, then gone. Some gentle, some strong
And I keep moving on.
Because I’m not the shore.
I’m the moon.
I’ll keep passing through.
Held by the gravity of earth,
But not caught in its monsoon.

Sometimes I forget who I am
And I think I’m the sand
Beaten and left to dry
By the water and the sky.
Trampled under foot
By the people walking by.
Built up into tiny castles
Children holding shovels
Smashed by waves and bullies
Taunted by sea-gullies.
Do you hear me!
Do you see me!
Down here with no sympathy.
Dig into me and find treasure.
Use me for your own pleasure.
Dear Jesus,
I need more
than I even ask for.
I’m not the shore.
You lift me higher,
Nearer to Your fire.

I’ll hide my face above the atmosphere.
Where You and I can disappear.
And draw me back into Your presence
When this planet gets between us.

Silence, Gravity, and Serenity

Lately, I’ve not had much to say. On the phone with a friend last night, I mostly let him talk. There came that oft’ dreaded silence… “Well… I should let you go…”

I had thoughts, but none seemed important. Or they may have seemed valuable, but my voice did not have the strength to carry them. They resided in a place more honored by my silence.

Lately, I feel the same when talking to God. I don’t have much to say. He knows my troubles, and even the thought of mentioning them exhausts me. Not that they are much more than anyone else’s woes. The more I talk with people, the more I see that they are common. And maybe that’s what makes them feel heavier. A very deep and wide weight that affects us all, like gravity.

Waking up is hard. But this morning, I had somewhere to be, though I felt like I had nothing to bring. And that’s enough. It is enough to simply bring myself. As much as I want to be worthy of eternal love on my own, Christ gives this gift to me freely. He sees my weakness and loves me completely. It’s enough to be me. And this world I try to carry was carried for me.

It’s not about what I could bring,
But all about Jesus Christ my King.

And in that place, I felt the sweetness of His friendship. Not detached from sorrow, but more like my feet could be planted in it while my arms reached all the higher in love and hope. My Savior loves my friendship. And this is not some irreverent thing. It is entirely holy. Built on my weakness and His strength, and He carries me happily. He carries me – this happy, hurting, and growing tree. I drink freely of His love as He waters me.