Moon and Sand

It doesn’t shake me so much anymore
The opinions of man, like waves on the shore
Here, then gone. Some gentle, some strong
And I keep moving on.
Because I’m not the shore.
I’m the moon.
I’ll keep passing through.
Held by the gravity of earth,
But not caught in its monsoon.

Sometimes I forget who I am
And I think I’m the sand
Beaten and left to dry
By the water and the sky.
Trampled under foot
By the people walking by.
Built up into tiny castles
Children holding shovels
Smashed by waves and bullies
Taunted by sea-gullies.
Do you hear me!
Do you see me!
Down here with no sympathy.
Dig into me and find treasure.
Use me for your own pleasure.
Dear Jesus,
I need more
than I even ask for.
I’m not the shore.
You lift me higher,
Nearer to Your fire.

I’ll hide my face above the atmosphere.
Where You and I can disappear.
And draw me back into Your presence
When this planet gets between us.