Dear Me

This is going to be frustrating
but I share this to help you cope.
Throughout life, it may need restating,
but I don’t want you to lose your hope.

People are going to misunderstand you,
And no matter how hard you try to explain,
With some, you won’t get through.
You’ll leave dejected at the end of the day,
But don’t let this fact defeat you.
Don’t let it keep you from trying again.
You can cry to a friend,
but don’t quit when you don’t win
the affections of
the approval of…
Don’t let the argument become
that restless downward spin.

Remember why you took that job,
Why you love your mom,
That one friend you almost gave up on.
People will surprise you
And sometimes it will be pleasant.
The darkness will subside
And all be luminescent.

In the meantime, rewind
And don’t hit replay in your mind
Forgive yourself, forgive the crimes,
The slights and words unkind.
Let them wash in the flood
The flowing crimson love
Of One who alone did everything right
And lay your disappointments to rest at night.

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