I am currently at the HEART Institute in Lake Wales, Florida! We are about half-way through the semester and God has already been stretching me and causing me to grow.
The first night here, I became well-acquainted with cockroaches, palmetto bugs, lizards, and frogs.
I’ve enjoyed early morning chores when we get to watch the sunrise as we feed animals and build fences and such.
The stars at night have drawn my eyes to the heavens, and reminded me of how big our God is and yet He still came to creatures as small as us.
I am in community with 19 other students, and we’ve had to face confrontation and come out stronger for it. I am so thankful for all the beautiful people here and excited to have about 1 month and a half to get to know them better and see glimpses of my Savior through them.
We all went to Belize and learned so very much. I still have to process it, so more updates on that later.
I am slowly but surely getting ready for Mali!! A very large amount of funds still need to be raised! Please pray for God’s providence in that. Pray that He moves His people to give generously!
If you want to give (any amount is appreciated greatly,) let me know and I will give you details on how you can do that.
Also pray for God to prepare our hearts for all that He has in store for me and my team! Pray that we work together well and build each other up! Thank you!
❤ Love and blessings


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