To the HEART… again

Me and my team of six are making our way to Mali, with a three week training at the HEART Institute.

Yes, this is where I studied and lived for the past four months. It’s like coming home for me. The air is a little bit colder. I feel slightly older, bolder. Ask me why? I’ll shrug my shoulder.

Okay, I’m done for now. I’m out of clever rhymes. But really, I have high hopes for my Mali team. We’ve been getting along well and shared many a hearty laugh. Keep us in your prayers! Pray for continued and increased unity among us, for love and peace to abound. 

My expectations for Mali:

I expect to be thoroughly challenged, to meet my inadequacy, look it in the face, full of fear, hope, and courage, to see my God show Himself to be completely able to handle all that Africa can throw at me. 

Two more weeks at HEART and we sprout wings and fly. Layover in Paris, then Mali!


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